Cellulite Busted

14 Jan 2017

Dimple butt just won't cut it in a bikini.Heres my advice to get the tight butt you want.

To have a super sexy butt you really need to look at what you putting in your body.


Water is something we really need to consume more of.Coffee,tea and using cordial to get your water intake is not gonna sculpt your bum.It time to like water watch out for my post on infused water just to add a variety of taste to plain water.

Green Tea

Green tea has shown to reduce cellulite try 3 cups a day, none after 3pm as it energies you.Green tea is an aquired taste,adding slices of lemon really helps.

Healthy fats 

So say good bye to french fries and take aways.Saturated fats are not going to get rid of dimple butt.Start eating oily fish, nuts and flaxseeds all rich in omega 3.Cooking with coconut oil is best as the beneficial fats of other oils cant withstand high temperatures and are broken down with light and heat.Where as coconut oil can withstand high temepratures.


Toxins build up in the body and effect the entire body as a whole.So its time to ditch the caffeine and smoking addiction.Limit alchol which has a high sugar and fat content.


Increase your intake of antioxidants rich foods such as blackberries and blueberries.Antioxidants reduce the effects of free radicals the little buggers that age us.

Creams and Exfoliators

Simone and I use Kiki Beauty Mandarin and Yuzu Body Sculptor twice a day.The results are amazing.We also use Kiki Beauty’s Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator twice a week.View thier website and use Code Karmically Fused when ordering.Kiki Beauty is cruelty free and all natural.

Cellulite Diet Guidelines:

Low in fat 
Low in sugar 
Low in salt replace with Himalayan salt
Very high in fiber
Loads of fruit and vegetables 
Water to flush out toxins atleast 2litres a day. 
Green tea 3 cups a day 
Rich in omega 3 foods

Dry Brushing

The skin excretes toxins,dry brushing adds in toxin release from skin by unclogging pores and improving circulation.Dry brusing is done with a brush using non synthetic bristles and with a long handle once a day just before you bath or shower. Dry brushing is always done towrds the heart for 5 minutes a day.A picture is attached to show the direction to dry brush.


To get a sexy butt you have to move your butt and workout. Cardio is needed to reduce cellulite when I say cardio I dont mean lets all go out and run.A fast paced walk will do, if you like running and are fit I do say carry on.30-40 mins a day 3-4 times a week of cardio.

Tonning yes you gonna have to squat ,lunge, you name it to work those butt muscles.I have attached a yoga sequnce done by myself and a personal training sequence by Simone.Do sequence 2-3 times a week. Always get doctors clearence before exercising.  

 Happy Tonning

 XOXO Claire Buck

Wild Yoga Girl

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