What Our Clients Say About Us

Claire has helped me discover the joys of exercise through water. I now head for the pool six times a week and with her simple yet stimulating approach towards being physical, I'm now proud to say that I'm totally obsessed with the endorphin rush created whilst in the pool. Who would 've ever thought that I would become a lover of exercise . And together with a new lifestyle eating plan, I've now lost 26 kgs. I would write more, but I'm off to the pool!
Harry Sideropoulos, Theatre producer| Actor

• "Karmically Fused uses excellent yoga instructors. Their vast knowledge of the various poses and meditation techniques means that each class is different and unique which allows me as a student to leave the class feeling like I've learned something new every time. During class, instructors are careful to take sufficient time to make sure everyone is comfortable with a pose before we attempt it. Instructors also demonstrates the poses in various stages of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, to accommodate each skill level within the class. "
Kelly Brannan

Bootcamp with Karmically Fused, is always upeat and intense . I might moan but feel amazing afterwards.Every class is different and enjoyable.Highly recommend it.
Catherine Putter

Karmically Fused has vibrant and energetic staff .Workouts are hardcore and varied but great fun which keeps you going back for more.
Jonnna Pool

Claire introduced me to Aqua Aerobics and developed my interest in Pilates and Yoga. Her natural fun and enthusiastic approach are positively "catching" Following personal training I brought her services into my lodge. Guests were delighted by the additional fun and activity.
Steve Jones